Every small business owner needs an attorney that he or she can turn to for trusted advice and counsel.  I am pleased to offer a wide range of legal services including business formation, both for profit and non-profit; corporate governance; contracts and agreements; and business and asset transfers. 

Business Entity Selection and Formation - There are several different types of entities each of which have advantages and disadvantages.  I will assist you in determining which entity best meets your needs and goals; file the appropriate certificates with the State; develop by-laws, operating agreements and business continuation plans; and help you with general annual corporate filings and other governance issues.  

General Corporate Counsel Services - Once you have started your business, I will be available to draft employee handbooks and policy manuals, employment contracts and separation agreements.  I will also negotiate and prepare leases and general business contracts necessary to the successful operation of your business.  Additionally, I can connect you with a network of business professionals who can advise you on the financing, accounting and insurance needs of the small business.

Purchase and Sale of Small Businesses - If you decide to purchase an existing business or sell your own, I can provide guidance throughout the entire process: from evaluating the risks and benefits of buying or selling a business to drawing up the sales contract; from transferring of licenses through the final closing process.


Striking a fair balance between the individual property owner's right to develop his or her land and the surrounding neighbors' right to a safe, clean and attractive community is the cornerstone of a responsible land use practice.  Every development plan has both positive and negative impacts, some are far better or far worse than others.  For this reason, I represent the interests of individual homeowners and developers, as well as objectors and local land use boards. 

My zoning and planning practice covers the construction of fences, pools and home additions/renovations as well as responsibly designed subdivision plans, commercial development and changes in property uses.  I can direct you to a broad network of licensed site engineers, professional planners, traffic and environmental experts, realtors, appraisers and other land use professionals to assist you.

Services start with identifying the types of permits and approvals you will need and estimating a general idea of the time and expense associated with your application.  I will then assist in preparing and filing the appropriate applications, meeting with local municipal professionals and staff, notifying the public in accordance with state law and preparing for and presenting the application at the public hearing.  I will also work with county, state and federal level officials in addressing any technical review concerns they may have. 

Once approval has been obtained, I am also available to facilitate the Resolution compliance process; draft developer's agreements, deeds and easements; and prepare and file maintenance and performance bond release requests.  In the event you are looking for construction expediting assistance, I can help there, too.


Whether you are buying your first home or selling a shopping center, I will work with you from negotiating the contract through closing. 

Residential - Buying a home is usually the single largest investment you will ever make.  The assistance of legal advice in reviewing the initial contract; explaining and negotiating important inspection issues; answering your financing and mortgage questions is important to protect your investment.  I will also review title issues and attend the closing with you.  Additionally, I can refer you to professionals offering home inspection, mortgage financing as well as homeowners' and title insurance services.   

Commercial - Commercial real estate transactions require a more sophisticated understanding of financing and title challenges.  I can help you explore alternatives to the traditional mortgage and fee simple ownership of property.  You may want to use different funding products, both private and commercial; you may want to share ownership, create a condominium or opt for a lease arrangement. Whatever direction you choose, I will provide the legal guidance to take your transaction to closing.   


Wills - Although many of us would like to avoid making a Last Will and Testament, it is an essential document that helps ensure that your intentions for your family are enforceable.  Without a valid Last Will and Testament, the distribution of your estate will be left to the Surrogate's Court, often creating family turmoil and wasting the assets of the estate instead of distributing them to the intended beneficiaries.  For most of us, a simple estate plan will prevent these eventualities.  If your estate is substantial, I can refer you to attorneys whose area of concentration includes complex estate and tax planning and administration.  

Powers of Attorney - The other component to a complete estate plan is the creation of powers of attorney that appoint and authorize a designated agent to make financial decisions in your absence and medical decisions if you are completely incapacitated and terminal.  A Financial Power of Attorney can give your agent powers as narrow or as broad as you want and can limit its enforceability to a determination that you are disabled and unable to tend to your financial affairs.  A Medical Power of Attorney, often referred to as a Living Will, allows you to decide when to stop life sustaining food and medical support.  Your Living Will protects your family from having to make those difficult decisions.


Not every traffic ticket requires an attorney.  Depending on the violation or violations, your driving history and other factors, I can help you make an educated decision about your options.  With experience as both a municipal prosecutor and municipal defense attorney, I have the background to help you understand the municipal court process and work toward a satisfactory result.